Mohammed Behairy


Mohammed Behairy is the CEO of our company. Born in 1975 in Egypt, he moved to Germany in 1997, where he began his journey to success working in the gastronomic field. In 2000 he started working in the financial services sector. Soon enough, in 2004, he founded MeineAgentur24 after a trip to Egypt, where he built a strong professional network. In 2007, the company was already dealing with personnel from different countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Holland, England, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

Mohammed is involved in several voluntary activities. He was, for example, chairman of the Teehaus-Fördervereins-Altenburg for 3 years and a member of the board of directors of the advertising association of Altenburg. In addition, he is a business teacher.

Nadine Lea Siegmund

Assistant of CEO

Nadine Lea Siegmund is the Assistnat of Mr. Behairy. she can help regarding any procedure or question our customers might have. She speaks German and English.

Antje Gringmann

Assistant of CEO

Antje Gringmann is a sales representative and looks after potential new customers. The focus of her work is the placement and support of our applicants for Qualification Courses ( Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists). She speaks German and English.

Christine Bressel

Assistant of CEO

Christine Bressel attends nurses from within and outside of Germany. Medical facilities and leads who are interested in a collaboration in the care sector, will also find the right contact partner with her. She speaks German and English.

Sarah Samir

Assistant of CEO

She leads the sales team. Responsible among others for the preparation of candidate profiles, negotiations and mediation of doctors, dentists and pharmacists. She speaks German and English.

In addition to the Team above, there are currently 4 further Team Player and several Network partners all over the world.

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