Preparation & Coaching Program for foreign doctors

To better understand this article, please read “Approbation”.

The Preparation & Coaching Program guides you from your home country to Germany covering every step from learning the German language to receiving your certificate as a specialist.

  • Preparation & Coaching Program (Human medicine) starting in October, 2018.
  • Preparation & Coaching Program (Pharmacists) starting in February, 2019

Steps of the Preparation & Coaching Program – ALL IN ONE PACKAGE:

  • 1 Subscribe to our program.
  • 2 We start working on your visa right away.
  • 3 Travel to Germany with our help – we also help you find accommodation and transfer from the airport.
  • 4 Start the course to learn German language, culture, laws and medical system. Last 4 months of the course will prepare you specifically for needed exams and process to get your license.
  • 5 Meanwhile, we gather your documents and do the application for your Approbation.
  • 6 After you pass the German language exams and, if necessary, the equivalency test, we place you as an assistant doctor.
  • 7 3 months after working as assistant, we can officially bring your family to join you in Germany.
  • 8 After you complete the period as assistant, we help you apply for the exam to get your specialization.
  • 9 When you are allowed to work as a specialist, we help you further to get your own Clinic or to work as a consultant or chief doctor.

We stay with you for all the beginning of your career in Germany!

Requirements to take part in the Preparation & Coaching Program:

  • License to work in your home country.
  • Certificate of Good Standing.
  • Two years’ Experience at least.
  • No older than 48 years old.
  • No sickness that might prevent you from working as a doctor.

Benefits of the Preparation & Coaching Program:

  • Consultancy and support regarding all necessary steps to receive the visa type D-§17a. AufhG for Germany. This visa allows you to study and work 10 hours a month.
  • Mastering the German language.
  • Teaching habits and customs of Germany to make your integration easier.
  • Preparation for the official medical language examination and the patient communication test.
  • If you successfully complete the course, you will be placed as a doctor for free.
  • Registration with the compulsory health insurance.
  • Legal advice in regards to your employment contract.
  • Tax advisory and compliance services - free for two years.
  • If you want to establish your own clinic, we will offer legal advice for free or help you to take over an already existing clinic without having to invest anything. This possibility is being offered by us in cooperation with regional Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, doctors, city managements and more.
  • Two years of free consultation services regarding all kinds of matters, professional or private.
  • You do not have to pay for our services or the recruiting. Those services will be paid by your future employee, you only pay for the preparation course.

Technical Details:

Study hours: Monday to Friday, approximately 7 hours per day.

Place of study: Leipzig, Germany, in the headquarters of MeineAgentur24.

Duration of the course: 10 months (or 1280 hours) from B1 to C1, preparation for the examinations "Fachsprachpruefung" and "Kenntnisstandpruefung"

Target of the course:

Pass the German language exam and prepare for the exam to get your permanent working license.

Content of the course:

  • Customs and traditions of Germany.
  • Preparation for the examinations to obtain your license to practice in Germany.
  • Educational trips in Leipzig and its surrounding so that the participants have the opportunity to talk in German outside the lecture and learn about the history of the country.
  • Regular examinations during the study period in order to determine your level and which subjects need to be revised.
  • Training regarding "Kenntnisstandpruefung"

Costs during the German language course:

Pass the German language exam and prepare for the exam to get your permanent working license.

  • The cost of living in Leipzig is lower than in many other German cities.
  • Transportation costs € 67 per month for unlimited use of all types of public transports. If you have a Student Card or a Leipziger Pass, the price can be as low as € 33.
  • Housing costs may range from 200 (collective housing) to 400 euros per month.
  • For the visa, you need an account with € 720 for each month of study in Germany. You will not necessarily need to use this amount per month but you need to have it!

We have a specialized service for helping participants recover a large part of the expenses of this preparatory period from taxes. This allows your actual cost to be less than if you only learned German in any other country.

As for the tuition fee, compared to the number of hours (more than 1000 hours) and services included, our fees are much lower than elsewhere and it is an investment in your career in Germany. The total price of the course in our company includes learning the language, preparing for various examinations to obtain the permission to practice the profession, help to receive your license and, ultimately, recruiting. For discretion, please apply to know the price.

For discretion, please apply to know the price.

Important observations:

  • The German law only allows your family to join you after you have been working for 3 months in the country as assistant, not during the course.
  • There are often changes in government laws or regulations. When making formal decisions about these changes, the company is committed to inform candidates and find solutions. Please note that the company has the right to change the program terms, if necessary.
  • Government rules and regulations in Germany may vary from state to state and sometimes from employee to employee. This means that each doctor has his/her own circumstances, which depend primarily on the state where he/she will be employed.
  • The recruitment process starts after you pass the German language course and this is a condition for the recruitment. If you do not pass the German exam, you can take the exam again as many times as you wish. Nevertheless, a recruiting fee would be applied. The sum of the fee depends on the case and how difficult it is to find a placement, usually the fee is between 3000 to 4000 Euros and it is paid only after the doctor is working.

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