Pharmacists with a non-German Approbation

Germany has a high demand for medical personnel and you are very welcome in this country. Nevertheless, moving to another country involves a lot of bureaucracy and sleepless nights - unless you have someone taking care of everything for you. This is what we do. Whether you are in Germany already, or still planning to come, our services are designed to take away all your worries.

Our services for you include:

  • Help to receive the license to practice in Germany/Approbation.
  • Facilitating the process of getting a visa or/and residence permit.
  • If you are not in Germany yet, we make sure you have a contract and a written confirmation from the employer before coming to Germany. if possible
  • Help to bring your family to Germany.
  • Training about the German health care system.
  • German language course to pass the necessary language exams.
  • Consultancy services to find your dream job based on your future goals and expectations.

As a pharmacist, you need to consider the following steps:

1. The decision

Plan and think about this life changing decision very carefully. Consider, for example, that you must adapt to the German culture, which can be very different from your own. Are you ready to open up for other ways of thinking and adapt to the German lifestyle? Germany is an excellent opportunity for you. Here you have real chances of career development, integration and enjoy a high life standard and quality. Your family will also profit from a safe environment and very good education possibilities. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to perform well and be serious about work.

2. Visa

You should carefully choose under which paragraph of the German Residence Laws (Deutsche Aufenthaltsgesetze) you would like to apply for an entry permit to Germany. Each paragraph involves a different approach and requires different documents to be submitted to the German embassy. The application with all necessary documents should be submitted to the German Embassy at least 3 months before the travel date.

3. Language

Proof of German language skills is one of the most important prerequisites for obtaining your visa, residence and work permit in Germany. The minimum language level required is B2 - but the higher your level, the better.

4. Initial investment

Coming to Germany will require an initial investment. Costs include, for example, expenses for translations and legalization of all documents, visa fees, language course, cost of living in Germany before beginning to work, processing fees charged by numerous German authorities, etc.

This investment will be returned in short time after you start working. Nevertheless, you need to have the resources readily available before your travel.

5. Exams

Depending on the state, you will have to take certain examinations in order to obtain a work permit or a license (see “Approbation”).

We offer numerous programs to successfully lead you to your goal passing through all the above-mentioned steps. We are also happy to work on individual solutions tailored to your individual background.