International nurses

International nurses can now apply for our recruiting program.

The objective of this program is to help nurses from all over the world to get their license to work in Germany. We coach you through every step from your home country to Germany.

To work in Germany as a nurse, you need to reach a German language level of B2 of the CEFR. Additionally, nurses should have studied at least 2.100 theoretical hours and done at least 2.500 practical hours. These figures are different in other countries. For this reason, German authorities will probably determine a certain number of months for you to work as an assistant before you can obtain a permit to practice the profession. We gather and submit these documents for you.

Our employment offers are anywhere in Germany, hospitals, retirement homes, home care, or other health center types.


Moving to another country involves a lot of bureaucracy and sleepless nights. Unless you have someone taking care of everything for you. This is what we do. Whether you are in Germany already, or still planning to come, our services are designed to take away all your worries.

Our offer includes:

  • Help to receive the license to practice in Germany.
  • Facilitating the process of getting a visa and residence permit.
  • If you are not in Germany yet, we make sure you have a contract and a written confirmation from the employer before coming to Germany.
  • Help to bring your family to Germany.
  • paid training in the German health care system.
  • Before and up to 5 years after you come to Germany, you will have your own team of problem solvers.
  • Service fees are due after obtaining the license to work in Germany as a professional nurse. That means you have finished your time as an assistant nurse and have started working as a registered nurse. (for further information please refer to the program's flow chart)
  • Finding your dream job.