How the process works

Our recruiting program is one of the most wholesome programs out there. We are able to coach you from your home country to Germany, from the visa to the final work contract and for 5 years after completion of the program.

If you fit all the requirements for participation, we can already start working on your visa. The process is as following:

1) Visa / employment contract

Your visa will be the type D - §17a. This visa requires, among others, a work contract. This means that you will sign a contract before coming to Germany and you will know all the terms of employment, such as salary, vacations, working hours, etc.

2) Arrival in Germany / Accommodation

You must be in Germany 1 month before the start of the course, this is because of residency permit and bureaucratic processes.

The accommodation is usually a flat shared with 3 or 4 other persons. Each person stays in a private room. please note that we do not offer company owned properties. We can provide homepages where you can search an find a suitable accomodation in Leipzig

3) German course

To apply for the visa you should have reached Level of B1 as a minimum in the German Language. Please note that a grade of 80% and higher in the B1 exam is preferred. Although a higher certificate in the German Language than the B1 is not a must, achieving level B2 before travelling to Germany would be of advantage.

Subsequently, B2- certificate is mandatory when applying for the license to work in Germany as a professional nurse after finishing our adaptation course .
If the nurse prefers it, the B2 Language Course could be arranged through us.
The fees of the German Language course (B2) will be paid by the nurse directly to the language institute and will not be funded by us. The said fees vary for different institutes, the average is about 150€/month. The duration needed to achieve the B2 is personally variable and depends on the language student, some nurses need 2 months, while others up to 5 months. Please note that you will receive a salary of 1.600€ during the adaptation course which makes the German language course affordable.
The German Language course runs simultaneously with the adaptation course.

4) Adaptation Course

Before you travel to Germany, we will have collected necessary documents and forwarded them to the governmental office responsible for issuing the licenses for nurses. This office will analyze how far your education differs (theoretically and practically) from the German educational system and then decide how many hours you must work as assistant and in which departments. This decision is individual and different for each candidate. However, you will be paid for the whole duration of work as an assistant, regardless of how many months the said authority has determined. Your salary will be 1.600,00 Euros per month. Please note that the adaptation course will be fully financially supported, it is free of charge.

The theoretical part takes place in a nursing school in Germany and covers the education topics which have been evaluated as deficient by the governmental administration.

After the theoretical part, you start working as an assistant in one of our partner hospitals or medical institutions. In average, you will need to work around 6 months as an assistant before receiving your license to work as a specialist nurse. The hospitals determine in which department you start, who supervises you, your working schedule etc.

After completing the whole period:
About - max.- 8 months theoretical courses
About - max.- 6 months practical time as an assistant nurse

You will be able to obtain the license to work as a professional nurse in Germany.

5) Receiving your licence

After you have successfully achieved the adaptation course you will obtain the license to work as a professional nurse in Germany.

6) Working as a registered nurse

After obtaining the license, you can start working as a registered nurse.

Your salary as a registered nurse is paid according to the valid governmental collective agreements.

3 months after starting to work as a registered nurse, we can assist you regarding the process of family reunion.

After 8 years from coming to Germany, you can apply for the German citizenship.

Program Flow Chart