How the process works

Our recruiting program is one of the most complete programs out there. We are able to coach you from your home country to Germany, from the visa to the final work contract.

If you fit all the requirements for participation, we can already start working on your visa. The process is as following:

1) Visa / employment contract

Your visa will be the type D - §17a. This visa requires, among others, a work contract. This means that you will sign a contract before coming to Germany and you will know all the terms of employment, such as salary, vacations, working hours, etc.

2) Arrival in Germany / Accommodation

You must be in Germany 3 months before the start of the course, this is because of visa and bureaucratic processes. During this time, we provide accommodation but there is no other financial support for these 3 months.

The accommodation is a flat shared with 3 or 4 other nurses. Each person stays in a private room, but the kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared.

3) German course and salary during the studies

To receive your licence, you need the level B2 in German. We offer the course from B1 to B2.

This course lass 8 months.

  • Three (3) months after your arrival in Germany, the course will start. During those months, you cannot work in the medical field but you are allowed to work in other fields, with some restrictions. You can only work for 10 hours a week and you cannot earn more than 350€ monthly during these 3 months.
  • When the German language course starts, your only obligation is to attend the course and learn the language. Your employer will pay you 1.585,50 Euros monthly, approximately 1.000,00 Euros net income (after taxes and insurances). Nevertheless, accommodation costs are subtracted from this amount. The cost of accommodation is about 350,00 Euros monthly.
  • The course, exams and bureaucratic processes are free.

4) Receiving your licence

After the language course, you start the working. In average, you will need to work around 6 months as an assistant before receiving your license to work as a specialist nurse.

Before you travel to Germany, we will gather your documents and forward them to a certain governmental office which is responsible for allowing the licenses for nurses. This office will analyze how your education differs from the German educational system and then they decide how many hours you must work as assistant and in which departments. This decision is individual and different for each candidate. However, you will be paid for all the time you work as assistant, regardless of how many months. Your salary will be 1.000,00 Euros per month after taxes.

You will work as assistant in one of our partner hospitals. The hospitals determine in which department you start, who supervises you, your working schedule, etc. We get weekly updates about your progress.

5) 3 years’ contract

After you pass the period as assistant, you can start working in your 3 years’ contract. This contract will be already set before you travel. If you are going to work in the east side of Germany, your salary will be around 1.500,00 Euros (net income), in the west side of Germany, the salary will be around 1.900,00 Euros (net income).

After 3 months in this contract, i.e. working as a specialist nurse, we can bring your family to join you (husband or wife and children, only).

After 8 years from traveling to Germany, you can apply for the German citizenship.

Program Flow Chart