License to work in Germany / Approbation

The Approbation is an unlimited license to work as a pharmacist in Germany. Please note that, if you hold a license to practice pharmacy in any European country, USA, Australia, Israel, Canada, Japan or South Africa, the process of the Approbation in Germany is simpler.

The application for the Approbation requires you to submit several documents (CV, copy of passport, certificate of birth, certificate of study, etc.) to a Governmental Office. There are 16 States in Germany, the offices in different states operate in different ways.

For the application, you should hand in a certificate of German language. The level required is normally B2, although the higher your level, the better. As of 2017, there are 2 German states require level C1. The Governmental Office will ask you to pass an extra language examination applied by the syndicate of doctors – the objective is to test your ability to use medical vocabulary and to test of your ability to communicate with patients. The exam is oral. Normally the exam is applied by a representative of the governmental office and a medical consultant. The questions are simulations of medical cases. In these exams, your language proficiency is what counts.

After you have passed the language exam and submitted all the documents, the German authorities will analyse your application for the Approbation. There are two possible outcomes of this analysis: your study and experience might be considered equivalent to the one of a doctor who has studied in Germany, or you might be considered not yet equivalent.

If you are considered equivalent, you receive the Approbation right away. If not, you will be required to pass an equivalency test (In German, Kenntnisstandprüfung or 3. Staatsexam). This exam tests your medical and pharmaceutical knowledge.

Approbation and Specialization steps

Step one

Learn German until B2.

Step two

Pass in the German language tests (Fachsprachprüfung).

Step three

if necessary, pass the equivalency test (Kenntnisstandprüfung / 3. Staatsexam).

This might sound overwhelming. This is why we offer a Preparation & Coaching Program that guides you through the entire process and prepares you for the exams!

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