Personalized services for national and international medical personnel in Germany

Working in Germany

Germany is the future. One of the safest countries in the world, with free education, quality cities, multicultural population and in the heart of Europe, Germany has more to offer than any other country in the world. While countries like Australia and England are making it harder for nurses and doctors to stay in their country, Germany is more welcoming than ever.

Since 2004, we are specialized in finding the best opportunities in Germany for doctors and nurses from anywhere. We use an individual approach to understand what is the best opportunity for each candidate.


Solving the bureaucracy and preparing doctors for the process of receiving their license to practice in Germany.

Medical Chamber

Registering in the medical chamber and deciding for a professional association.

Quality Workplace

Understanding the professional goals of each candidate to find the right position.

Coaching and preparation

Courses and coaching services to prepare international doctors for life in Germany, including language courses.

Travel arrangements

Travel and visa arrangements for international doctors and nurses.

Family services

Bringing the family of clients to their new place of work, finding the best schools, insurance, neighborhood, and more.

Opinions about us

The team of MeineAgentur24 taught me and accompanied me until the opening of my practice. I have been accompanied and cared for in all administrative procedures and numerous discussions. I would like to thank MeineAgentur24 for this extraordinary service and wish success to the company and for other doctors that work with them.

Mohannd (Arnstadt)

Meineagentur24 is the best. I am very happy to work with Meineagentur24 because the team is very friendly and easy to understand. We have been working together to reach my goal to become a nurse in Germany. I'm very satisfied. I wish the company continued success.

Imad, nurse from Maroco

There are simply no challenges without difficulties. But if there is one who stands with you, all matters start becoming more smooth and successful. That's what the work of meineagentur24 means to me.

Alamshaty, nurses from Egypt

I'd like to share my personal experience with meineagentur24. Which is the fastest and most guaranteed way to reach and to be successful in Germany.
It helped me to get the "Defizitbescheid" within two weeks only, and then to get the visa 17a.
As I arrived to Germany, I studied German language in it from A1 level uptil B2 as well as the Fachsprache. Among the different services provided by this enterprise are all the affairs related to the bank, the accommodation, the foreigners' office, Medical Chamber and it organized a job for me even before completing the course and within a time interval of six months only.
I signed a work contract and set an appointment for the Fachsprache test.Last but not least I would like to give a special thanks to meineagentur24 and in particular to Mr. Mohammed Behairy whom I'd like to proceed my journey with and under his own patronage.

Ali Diab, Radiologist from Libanon

First of all I wish to thank God and my family for all their support. Secondly, I am grateful to the agency meineagentur24, personally the CEO Mohammed Behairy and his staff. They have made huge efforts for my case within 3 months. Today, on January 16th 2018, all efforts have been crowned with success as I received my German approbation in dental medicine. Thank you very much!

Abdelsatar Kabat, Dentist from Syria